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A simple guide to help you navigate renting our venue.  We are a bit of a unicorn.

Here is some information to help explaining rentals and how our pricing works.  Inquiries that include your preferences in this rental guide will help speed up the process.


We believe in flexibility and freedom to create your vision.  BLVD has an open-door policy.  Clients are allowed to supply their own event and bring in outside vendors.

Days of the Week

Days of the week are priced differently.  Fridays and Sundays will have lower prices than Saturdays.  Midweek (Mon-Thurs) will have the lowest prices. 

Group Size

All of our packages are priced according to group size.  Even venue-only rentals will vary between small and large groups. 


Small or big, changes and customization to packages are permitted before and during your reservation.  No need to worry about reserving if you don't know final details.  We don't expect you to.  Another benefit of being a BLVD customer.  Check out the Packages.

Setup Time

Setup time is included in all rentals.  Packages start with 12-hour rentals.  Custom venue-only bookings include a minimum of 8 hours with 3hrs for setup.


Pricing is based on all the above factors.  We operate off a grid and it's always easiest to present pricing options during a tour.  As a customer you may receive more than one great option, sometimes several.  Please send us an inquiry for general pricing or set up a tour to receive several reservation options.  Set Up a Tour

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