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Our Story

Launched in 2013, Boulevard began as a humble local banquet hall. Over the years, we hosted many social and company events. A major remodel in 2015 to expand saw the venue grow into one of the most well-rounded and spacious independent venues in San Diego. 


BLVD has quickly become an amazing setting for all types of events and we are always happy to host your life's most memorable moments. We take a lot of pride in our space and continuously strive to improve it. Behind the scenes, we are constantly upgrading the space, our inventory and our services. 


All throughout we have stuck to our roots. As a family, we care about you and your family, company or group. Customer service and relationships are important to us.  While we understand that the big things (listed below) are important to you, we also spend a lot of time focusing on the details.  In events the small things are very important too. 


There are thousands of decisions to be made in event planning. It takes a lot of time and can cause a lot of stress. The great advantage with BLVD is how much care we put into being flexible and having a strong system to make your job just a little bit easier.  (Or a lot easier, if you go with a complete package.)

Our story is mingled with yours, the customer.  We know you have a story to tell as well, and we hope our venue can help you tell it. 

Specialties - Then and Now

Our management and design experience started with the Quinceañera and intimate social events.  We have developed into a venue with all-encompassing experiences.  Our venue director has a background in wedding, design and corporate event and party planning.  We now maintain a high level of experience with the current trends and host a wide array of events. 

Showroom is currently stocked with decoration built for all types of events.  We have added many new pieces in 2020.

Projects to Come:  Floral Wall (completed) is just one of many photogenic designs that will be added to the venue for a more eye-pleasing experience. 




A nicely appointed bridal/private suite with luxury furnishing and large vanity.  A real bonus for our hosts. 



Large 1,500 sq-ft dance floor is one of the biggest you'll find for a lively party.



Set of crystal lights surround a showpiece chandelier under a designer dome.



A marble cocktail bar backed by Twinkling LED lights makes for dreamy bar service.



Our custom two-levels box-stage can provides two perfect locations for performances or front and center attention.



Our Studio Lively provides a separate room for extra space.  Ceremony, cocktail hour, children's room, are just some possibilities.



Our signature A-Frame lobby greets guests with a grand welcome.  Perfect for sign-in and a place for announced entrances. 



7,000 square foot reception hall comfortably seats over 400 guests.  Much more can be hosted in non-banquet events. 



Our kitchen is equipped with basic prep tables and appliances.  Opens directly to a catering truck loading bay.

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